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Read reviews William Hearth ☆ Ormus The Secret Alchemy Of Mary Magdalene Revealed - Part [A]  ↠ weird west ↠ New Life – Volume 1 Hearth wastes no time getting straight to the heart of the matter a compelling introductory work to his new novel Mary Magdalene s Secret Alchemy Pristine Perspicacity The Shekhinah has survived tyrannical kings, power hungry liars, jealousy, betrayal, revenge Hidden for millennia beneath layers of dogmatic deceit, the truth is now revealed A MUST READ for anyone interested in the secret truth behind Mary Magdalene, TEMPLAR executions, ESSENE mystery schools the persecutions of Magdalene s family and her constituency One day we ll literally live, swim and breathe in the Light Mary Magdalene was one the earliest recorded progenitors of equal rights for women She was also an activist who encouraged the preservation of both, human and animal rights in general Her contemporary network included the Manicheans and Mandaeans, who were vegans and vegetarians that were literally fed to the lions by Roman rulers John the Baptist was the leader of the Mandaeans Mani was the leaders of the Manicheans Her ancestors, Abraham and Sarah, who migrated from the ancient seat of knowledge known as Taxila, had survived one of the earliest known examples of climate change and deforestation Abraham like Zarathustra also encouraged us to embrace some of the earliest examples of Unified Field Theory, described in simple layman terms as the One God concept Their population, derived from ancestors who had survived numerous global cataclysms included mathematicians and chemists, navigators and physicians many of whom sailed the seven seas, trading in rare spices and herbal medicines, metals, chemicals, silk and sacred knowledge of alchemy and metallurgy Mary Magdalene s family members and immediate entourage were absolutely extraordinary Comprised of an extended ancestral network of erudite individuals, who had successfully preserved humanity s most precious knowledge and wisdom throughout the ages, they imparted to their progeny, the wisdom and skill sets that constitute the very foundations of empirical science as we now know it Her constituency sourced raw materials from cultures as far away as Africa, England, China and Japan They built the earliest known examples of distilleries and subsequently manufactured herbal tinctures, fragrant perfumes and the glass bottles that contained them They also pioneered the manufacture of stained glass by melting glass on top of molten tin Their master craftsmen and metallurgists, descendants manufactured gold and silver jewelry, household tools and implements, including the finest knives, swords and weapons Although the philosophy of atomism, that is to say, the idea that the universe is made up of a few simple parts, is thought to have originated sometime during the 400 B.C period Atomism was attributed to a Greek philosopher named Leucippus, and his prot g Democritus augmented the concept It is thought that Democritus coined the term atom, which literally translated means that which can not be cut down to smaller fragment Hearth speculates that, At a time when ancient vegetarian philosophies clashed with the Judaic temple practice of slaughtering innocent animals for blood sacrifice one question in particular begs an answer What if the ebionites and essenes were actually vegetarians Their Way of Life and dietary practices would have caused them to be labeled as heretics and outcasts throughout Judaean society as being Blasphemous Download Ormus The Secret Alchemy Of Mary Magdalene Revealed - Part [A] –

  • William Hearth
  • 22 December 2018
  • Kindle Edition
  • 306 pages
  • Ormus The Secret Alchemy Of Mary Magdalene Revealed - Part [A]
Ormus The Secret Alchemy Of Mary Magdalene Revealed - Part [A]

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